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Focus on making yourself who you want to be

Focus on making yourself who you want to be


It’s easy to focus on other people, it’s easy to focus on your career.

Help others out, help your bosses out.

But when do we make time to focus on us, to progress to who we want to be.

We dream about it

But we never work about it

So it always stay as a dream

Unless we start to focus on us, other people will dominate our lives and we just allow it.

Make time for yourself

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Even Batman had backup


Its impossible to know everything. No matter how long you spend studying

There will always be someone who knows more than you about something

So its important to know who your back up is when you need an answer or advise

This could be a employer union, an expert in a certain field, a lawyer

There is help and advice out there dont feel like you have to go alone…

Even batman had backup

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When you’ve got today

When you’ve got today

Tomorrow doesn’t matter

This year has been a test for everyone

Its certainly tested my philosophy a lot.

One thing that helps me is forgetting about tomorrow and just enjoying the day, taking my mind off things for a little while.

There’s a lot going on in the world. These little breaks are needed and essential.

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Before it’s too late

Before it’s too late.

We always leave it to Late before we take action.

We wait till we’re out of shape before we start exercising
We wait till we’re broke before we start to look at our finances
We wait till something goes wrong before we look at our rights

Wouldn’t life just be easier if we started tackling these issues before it got to that stage
Before it’s too late.

It’s not always easy, but it would be a hell of a lot easier than started from the very bottom.

Do something now before it’s too late

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Putting off till tomorrow, what should have been done two days ago

That’s procrastination.
That’s waiting time…
No wait that’s wasting life.

But its what we’re all experts at.
The resistance is deep within us all
It crops up when we least need it to.

Its cropped up thousands of times already today and it will pop up thousands of times again tomorrow.

It’s an enemy that will never be defeated, but it can be weakened by doing what you said you was going today.