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let’s just kick the sh*t out of option B

Option A is not available, so let’s just kick the sh*t out of option B

  • Sheryl Sandberg

We don’t always get what we want in life,

Sometimes something isn’t possible, things get cancelled or postponed

Out of our control and we let them control our feelings

We sit and feel sorry for ourselves and say we could have been here whilst looking at pictures of somewhere your not.

Even though that there is nothing we can do about option a, we can always do option b

And that option doesn’t include feeling sorry for yourself, because that would just make you feel worse.

When Thomas Edison’s factory caught fire instead of having a reaction like any normal person would, he told is lad to go and get his mother and sister quickly as they’ll never see a fire like this again

That’s enjoying option b when you have no control over option a

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Until death, it is all life

Until death, it is all life

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

And it’s not always going to be plain sailing,
There is going to be stormy seas
Rough currents
And high rocks to navigate through

We may get a few calm seas and clear skies

But life is a mixture of all the above.

Facing the tough currents, stormy seas and rocky patches mean your living and you may think that they are bad things, but as we sail through life, they are the things that improve your sailing skills, not the calm seas.

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Signs are no good

Signs are no good if you dont follow them

If your looking for a sign the chances are you’ll find one because your seeking it,

Kind of like when you just get a new car and everyone seems to be driving the same one as you.

For a short moment in time I wanted to learn how to street dance (I think step up had just come out or something)

I remember saying if I see a sign I’ll join a club or something.

The very next day I saw a sign, it had probably been there for years but I wasn’t looking for it then

But I didn’t join I probably went home and played GTA or something

We’ve probably ask for and seen loads of signs in our lifetimes but we ignore them or don’t follow through.

Asking for a sign is probably just another form of procrastination,

Yeah I’ll do it if…

If we really wanted to do something we wouldn’t need to wait for a sign.

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Back on your way

When you fall
Dust it off and get
Back on your way
Down on the floor is not
Where you want to stay

What does life have in store
For us we don’t know
Anything can happen
On both sides of the door

Don’t be afraid to explore
New things in life
We dont get an encore
Lifes to short to ignore
What our guts tell us to do

Yeah maybe we’ll fall
Maybe we’ll stall
And life throws in a curveball
But when we fall we have to
Dust it off and get back on our way

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You also see that training is more effective than nature for good

‘You also see that training is more effective than nature for good’


When wanting to bring in new laws into Sparta (The ones we know them for there strict discipline and lifestyle)

Lycurgus bought into two dogs (from the same stock apparently) and trained one to hunt and let the other life as a neutered house dog,

Then to prove a point that his new rules would be best for Sparta he would get the dogs to catch a hare. The one that was trained to hunt obviously overpowered the hare whilst the nurtured one wagged its tail probably (Couple of thousand years ago I wasn’t there)

Someone then accused Lycurgus of using dogs from different stock and the one that won was from a breed of hunters.

So Lycurgus switched the dog’s roles and let the one from the hunting stock live as a house dog and trained the house dog as a hunter.

After some time he did another showcase and this time the newly trained dog outperformed the dog from the good stock.

He then came out with the following –

“So also in our case, fellow-citizens, noble birth, so admired of the multitude, and our being descended from Heracles does not bestow any advantage, Bunless we do the sort of things for which he was manifestly the most glorious and most noble of all mankind, and unless we practise and learn what is good our whole life long.”

He’s saying it doesn’t matter where your from, how talented you were born, if you do not work at a something you will not get better at it or you won’t stay very talented for long.

Basically The ‘Well they have good genetics’ ‘They were born with skill’ excuses was debunked thousands of years ago.

If you want something you have to work at it, your whole life.