When you wake on new year’s day

The disappointment when you wake up on new years day to find that you are not a new you…

You are still the same version of yourself that you were

Last night,
Last week,
Last month
Last year

See change requires work

And work is hard

It doesn’t start on a Monday or a new year

It starts today, it starts now

And it’s a hard process

You either do the work or you stop lying to yourself

Christmas dreams

Christmas is like

Putting your dreams and goals out there for the world to hear

You tell everyone what you want
You think about them constantly
And you wait

Until a short time in the future you wake up and everything you want is waiting under a tree,

We dont do this in September or july, that would be too long a wait, we only do this late November or the start of December…

Like our dreams we seem to only think about them all the time, we tell people what we want and we wait…

Unlike Christmas though people arnt gonna go out and buy your dreams, them you have to work for

And they’re gonna take longer than 25 days to get too

So remember that this new years


2022 fast approaching what are your goals for the new year?

More Importantly what are you doing right now to make sure you achieve them? Because your January goals are probably the same ones you had last year and the year before,

And waiting till January is an excuse for procrastination and if you can put off till January then you can put off till feb then march and before you know it its 2023

The Diet After the Diet

So your diet is over, you’ve reached your goal weight (Congrats by the way), you feel proud after X amount of time and restricting your calories, resisting temptation of your ever-growing appetite. 

The suffering is finally over and you’re ready to live life again.

A month later you jump on the scale’s and slap yourself trying to awaken you from this nightmare. You suddenly realise that this is no dream. How can months of dieting and hard work be undone in a matter of weeks.

What do you do now, Why has this happened, Do you do another round of restrictive eating and hope it sticks this time?

Well getting the Body you want is only half the Battle, There’s the Battle of keeping the weight off as well which is just as Hard if not Harder.

It’s no secret that when we restrict our Calories our bodies react via Hormones such as Leptin Decreasing and Ghrelin Increasing along with other key hormones that play a role in weight management. Also as an effect of Diet-induced Weight loss our appetites get bigger but those hormones do not return back to normal after the diet has ended (1.) Resulting in constantly feeling more hungry and unconsciously consuming way more Calories than you think you’ve eaten. I’ve discussed this in greater detail & other concepts of the Metabolism in these articles here (2,3.)

So your Metabolism had a massive wrench thrown into its tracks, The wrench being Adaptive Thermogenesis (Metabolic Adaptation) Seriously read this (3.) When Adaptive Thermogenesis Kicks In Your BMR drops and you burn less Calories Throughout the day along with the increase in certain Hunger Hormones and Appetite it’s Going to be hard to burn more Calories than you Consume.

There’s only so much you can exercise and reduce Calories before your lifestyle becomes miserable and pretty impossible to maintain.

Let’s Use a female competitor weighing 140 pounds (64 kg) at 20 percent body fat who needs to get down to below 12 percent as an example (4.) Her maintenance diet looks something like this:

Calories: 2350 calories a day
Protein: 30 percent, 176 g/day
Fat: 30 percent, 78 g/day
Carbs: 40 percent. 235 g/day

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A ‘Brave’ New World

What the future holds

My predictions for the future are based on novels and how they all connect to each other…

Present to the next five to ten years resemble more George Oswells 1984, people are being censored for going against the narrative, headlines and news are being made up.

Those that speak against the narrative are being fired, banned from travelling and de-platformed, how long before people start getting locked up?

As events unfold around the world it is clear to see we are heading into a type of world where if we do not comply then we will be forced into today’s equivalent of room 101.

Whilst we are heading this way in the near future where we’re heading looks more like a combination of ready player one and brave new world.

I’ve added RP1 because of Zucks new meta VR shit he’s just come up with.

In a brave new world, people don’t get sick, they have drugs to make them feel good and it’s all pleasure and you don’t argue with the class above you…

With vaccine passports in the present day, the rise of smartwatches and another tech that can tell if your Blood sugars levels are too high and whatnot coming out, It won’t be far off where we can pop a drug and all is good, feeling sad, then pop a drug, go to parties live in your VR world and don’t ask any questions.

A world with no privacy, no free thought because everybody is connected and no emotions, We are just a couple of generations away from becoming robots…

Those who resist will be outcasts from society, they won’t be able to work, access their money, enter any shops (this is coming into play already). Once the free thinkers are outcasts the governments across the globe will have free rain on the people until they have total control over said people.

This will all be disguised as for your safety, I mean after all who doesn’t want to feel any emotion and have no feelings…

The people will cheer as their freedoms are taken away, and the ones who warned them are long forgotten about