Lesson’s In Business Failure Pt 2.

In Part 1 I talked about how I went broke because I didn’t adapt to change and let my fears control my action’s which ultimately left me broke and the lessons I leaned from those, If you’ve not read that yet you can Read it Here.

After I went broke and left LSF (Lifestyle Fitness) I was offered two job’s

  1. A Sales Agent in a Call Centre
  2. Fitness Instructor

The sales agent had better pay and bonuses, The fitness instructor was just basic wage.

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How I Went Broke.

My journey started fresh out of uni,

I got a job as a Self employed Personal trainer at Lifestyle Fitness in Preston. I thought this is it Im gonna be rich. £30 Per hour yeah buddy.

My ex ex said to me why don’t you keep your job t WHSmith just in case. That pissed me off I was like don’t you believe that I Can make it & anyway I’m on £30 per hour I only need a few clients a week and I’ll be on the same wage..

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