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What will you discover…

What will you discover…

I love finding a great book, then realising the author has other books, then you find similar books by other authors

It’s a whole path to discovering awesome stuff

We get the same process with other things too, podcasts, films, jobs, hobbies

Discovery is awesome.

But in order to discover, we need to get started, we need to pick up the first book, the podcast, we need to start that new hobby

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The best gifts

The best gifts

Are the ones where you don’t have to be asked what you want.

They are given with thought.

Where the giver knows that the receiver will love it.

Those are the best gifts.

In a business perspective,

The best free gifts are the ones that your customers can’t resist, the ones they didn’t know they needed, but now they’ve seen it, they must have it.

Gifts are wonderful, but not if they’re expected.

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Failure is for reflection

Failure is for reflection

It’s easy to go into self destruct mode when we fail at something.

We think of all the things that made us stupid, we think of how everything could of gone better, then we just beat ourselves up.

This is not healthy, it won’t change anything and you will not improve in the future

Look at what went wrong, but without the self destruction

Yeah my speech could have gone better so I’ll practice more in the future

Not your bad at speeches you should quit your not worthy of anything.

Lift yourself up, dont drag yourself down

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We don’t get to choose them

We don’t get to choose them

Our last words that is,

Death is inevitable, we know this.

But when and how we go we don’t know.

We all imagine or just me that we will have some heroic death and everyone around us will have some wise words passed on… our last ones.

But the chances of this happening are slim.

Roald Dahls last words were something sweet to his wife, until a nurse gave him some morphine and he uttered ‘Oh fuck’

The point is we dont get to choose how we go or what our last words will be,

So make sure you perform your duties heroically, make sure that you dont utter something stupid without thought or something you will regret.

Because we never know they could be our last

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Crowns play tricks on the heads they lie upon

‘Crowns do queer things to the heads beneath them’

Tyrion Lannister (GOT)

Just that you do the right thing. The rest doesn’t matter. Cold or warm. Tired or well-rested. Despised or honored

Power can do some strange things as Marcus Aurelius had to remind himself to do the right thing, one can only imagine what power lay at his hands and the temptation it would have come with it.

Modern day we have world leaders despite growing evidence that we do not have a massive killer disease at hand still locking down their citizens

Whether they think they’re doing the right thing or their is something bigger at play I dont know.

(Probably the latter)

What they do is out of our control, we can’t control decisions they make,

But control how we act and react to them.

We can do the right thing

We can protest peacefully, whilst police use their force.

We can read actual science and not the news papers, to educate ourselves and others on what’s actually happening.

Or if you feel it’s the right thing you can stay inside.

Whatever you do, do what you think is the right thing