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Is what we’re going to face whether we leave the door or not, suffering exists on both sides of it,

Suffering will happen if you go for that job or not,
If you speak to that person or not,
If you workout or not,
If you better your education or not

Suffering is a part of life it will show up if we walk left or right, don’t move at all or just stay on the same path we’re on.

We are going to suffer

So you might as well suffer at something that will make the suffering worthwhile

Example – If choose to workout, you have to suffer through the workout, you have to suffer from the hard work, from the lifestyle changes and the sacrifices you have to make like going to the gym over going straight home and watching the tv.

But through that suffering you get healthier, you feel a lot better, you look better, you have more energy.

If you don’t choose to workout, you get to eat what you want, have those lazy days, don’t have to face the gym, but all that pleasure will lead to suffering,

Your health will start to degrade, you might gain weight, you will lose energy, feel under par most of the time, struggle with concentration and so on…

Suffering is everywhere
All we can do is pick ur poison – Jordan Peterson

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The day that changes your life

The one day you get lazy could be the one day that changes your life

The day you ease off the gas could be the day that you close that deal, that your boss recognises your hard work or some of your work goes viral

On the other hand, the day you have a lazy one, could be the day you realise that what your doing isn’t working for you, or you have a random life changing idea whilst lounging in bed.

There is no right or wrong in life, different things have different effects

The day you do this could be the day that

Or the day you that then this could happen

If you miss an opportunity, there will be others, even taking an opportunity you could miss out on others

What you do or dont will always reveal another path

The day you do or dont do anything could be the day that changes your life

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How to regrow

The seasons are changing
They dont need reasons
Its getting colder
As we get older
The earth is just renewing
Whilst we’re pursuing eternal life
Yet we’re getting older
And a little less wiser
It’s like we’re going backwards
We try to cling on to what we have
Whilst the earth let’s go of its heat
We have to admit defeat
We cling on to what we have
Whilst the earth let’s go of what it has
So it can regrow
Yet We’re afraid to let go
So we’ll never know
What eternal life is
We’re afraid of change
So we live in a limited range
Aren’t we strange
We’ll never regrow

The seasons are changing
The earth is letting go
Whilst we’re holding on
So we’ll never know
We’ll never know
How to regrow

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let’s just kick the sh*t out of option B

Option A is not available, so let’s just kick the sh*t out of option B

  • Sheryl Sandberg

We don’t always get what we want in life,

Sometimes something isn’t possible, things get cancelled or postponed

Out of our control and we let them control our feelings

We sit and feel sorry for ourselves and say we could have been here whilst looking at pictures of somewhere your not.

Even though that there is nothing we can do about option a, we can always do option b

And that option doesn’t include feeling sorry for yourself, because that would just make you feel worse.

When Thomas Edison’s factory caught fire instead of having a reaction like any normal person would, he told is lad to go and get his mother and sister quickly as they’ll never see a fire like this again

That’s enjoying option b when you have no control over option a

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Until death, it is all life

Until death, it is all life

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

And it’s not always going to be plain sailing,
There is going to be stormy seas
Rough currents
And high rocks to navigate through

We may get a few calm seas and clear skies

But life is a mixture of all the above.

Facing the tough currents, stormy seas and rocky patches mean your living and you may think that they are bad things, but as we sail through life, they are the things that improve your sailing skills, not the calm seas.