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Don’t waist new tears on old problems

Don’t waist new tears on old problems

I can’t remember who that quote was from I think it was Epictetus but I’m not sure

But I love it for two reasons

1 it was saying that it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to feel down and let something bring you down temporarily.

Were all human we have emotions.

2 its saying that eventually we have to move on, there is only so much we can do or cry about something before we have to carry on with our life.

Cry, let it out and move on.

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I read over 60 books last year, some were fiction for a change but the rest were personal development type of books.

I also did a few courses…

The year before I read over 40 (can’t remember the exact amount)

And guess how much of this information I had applied…

Very little.

Information is useless if we don’t apply it.

It just goes into the back burner and then forgotten.

What a waste.

So today’s principle is to apply something you learn everyday.

It’s simple really so I as well as you need to apply it.

(I’ve already slowed down my reading this year so I can apply more and be more productive.)

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Do the simple things

There is a common theme I keep seeing
In books I read and across my own life as well

And it’s not that we don’t know what to do

It’s that we do but don’t do it.


Because what to do is super simple, too simple so we complicate it then procastinate and end up doing nothing

The solution

Do the simple shit daily l

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Hello Is This The Undertaker

Hello is this the undertaker

On the Joe Rogan podcast, The Undertaker was telling the story of how he became the Undertaker.

And he had, had the meeting with Vince Mcmahon and he was just waiting and one day he got a phone call and all it said was ‘Hello is this The Undertaker’

And he was like I have no idea who The Undertaker was but I was like yeah it’s the Undertaker.

And the rest is history.

Sometimes we have to take a chance even though we don’t have all the details in front of us.

Sometimes we have to be like yeah and then wonder what the hell we have got ourself into.

Will it always work out, No.

But will it work out if we don’t say yeah…

100% No