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Level Up Your Life – The Journal, The 90-day game where you Level Up Your Real Life, not your video game character.

It’s not what you can do in the short term, its what you can sustain in the long term, You will have 90-day goals that will challenge you and force you to grow by facing your inner resistance and battling it daily.

Entering the realm of growth can be confusing and scary so we stabilise yourself in the midst of confusion by setting monthly benchmarks and weekly targets to keep you on track, You earn daily Exp points by journaling daily – A plan of your day first thing when you wake up and a review of your day before you go to bed. Leave the comforts of the Shire and Level Up Today.

Available in both Hardback and Paperback


The Nutrition Journal by Invictus is a 90 Day nutrition and goal tracker.

This is a 12-week journal. It’s broken down into three 4 week sections, at the start of each of your 4-week sections will have a ‘your stats’ section This is where you can track your weight, body fat % and your waist size and your progress from the previous 4 weeks. 

Then you set your goals for the next 4 weeks. At the start of each week, you have the chance to break down your goals even further into smaller achievable goals and a place to write notes on the previous week, What went well, what didn’t etc so you can adapt to the up and coming week.

On the daily tracking page you can track your meals, snacks etc and a second page for you to review your day, your total macros and calories plus any notes on what went well and what didn’t

Available in both Hardback and Paperback


The first 365 daily fires to get you motivated and going. Some pages will make you think, others will give you a kick up the backside.

Level Up Your Life daily

Includes Level Up Your Life – Your quest to earn more, be more and do more which has only been available via eBook in the past

This book is available on Amazon Kindle, Paperback and Hardback


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Level Up Your Life – Your quest to earn more, be more and do more

Many of us spend our life Levelling up video game characters or watching our dream life play out on someone else’s Instagram feed. We want to change, to grow.. To level up but we don’t know where to begin. Level Up Your Life is the book that takes you on a quest. In this eBook you will discover

  • How to identify your strengths so you can choose the right quest
  • How to overcome resistance so that you don’t quit your quest before you’ve even begun
  • How to choose the right clan for your quest, so that you don’t get pulled into bad habits
  • How to stay focused on your current task so that you don’t procrastinate your days away
  • How everything we do in life is going to require some suffering and sacrifice and how to suffer the right things

And so much more! Get book 1 now along with the other 4 books by clicking the button below.



Introduction to Stoicism (How one philosophy can change your life)

Stoicism is a practical philosophy that has been around since Zeno founded the Stoic school in 3ooBCE.

Stoicism is a practical philosophy that has been practiced by the likes of Marcus Aurelius who was emperor of Rome to Epictetus who was a slave and then taught his own school. Stoicism is now practiced by everyday men and women.

In this eBook you will discover – 

  • How a turn of fate lead to the founding of a new philosophy
  • The four stoic virtues and how to apply them to your life
  • Stoic practices that you can start implementing straight away
  • The best books on Stoicism so you can learn more about this life changing philosophy 


All About Calories – The lean body guide

In this eBook you will discover how Calories effect and influence everything that happens to us from our Hormones to our energy.

  • Why do we stop losing weight in a Calorie deficit?
  • Why do we not look lean and toned after weight loss?
  • Why do we regain the weight we have lost after the diet has ended?
  • How to offset the metabolic slowdown in a calorie deficit (How to speed up your metabolism)
  • The difference between weight loss and fat loss and why you have been doing it wrong all this time
  • How we can stay lean as possible when losing fat
  • Plus so much more


Your Head Is not an Island – Bridging the gaps between physical and mental health

Mental illness is often looked as a condition that is separated from the body with no connection. Doctors often prescribe medication without even looking at the persons diet, lifestyle and exercise habits. In this book you will discover

  • How different neurotransmitters can effect our mental health
  • How blood sugar imbalances can effect our mental health and tips to choose the right diet
  • How stress and sleep effect the brain health and their connections to mental illness
  • How exercise can effect our mental health and which exercises to choose
  • How our goals, values, our connections to the tribe can all effect our mental health and so much more


All About Sleep – and the effects on exercise, health and body composition

In this eBook you will discover how Sleep can impact everything from the food we eat to our performance in the gym. Did you know that Getting less than 7.5 hours of sleep each night means that you’re at greater risk of heart attack, stroke, and sudden cardiac death than people who get plenty of sleep time ? In this book you’ll discover (Plus so much more)

  • Why you make poor food choices when you’ve had a bad nights sleep
  • How a poor nights sleep can impact your performance such as reducing your bench press by several Kgs
  • How to set a bedtime routine so you can get plenty of shut eye
  • What the optimal rest time is so that you wake up refreshed and vitalised


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