Who Even Is


Roy Eastham is a Co-Founder of Multiple Companies including Titan Strength Academy & Various Property companies,

He is the authour of Level Up Your Life & Level Up Your Life The Journal

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The quest to level up really kicked in after I had given up on entrepreneurship and just wanted to ‘Earn a living and Be Comfortable’ but after 80 hour work weeks and losing my health and well anything that resembled a normal life in the process, The fire grew.

The Fire to Level Up

After months of procastination, I reached out to an old personal training colleague to help Me get back in shape

Months of training and ‘Fire Chats’ about business and personal development me and Tiarnan started to discuss the idea of running a fitness facility,

Tiarnan recommended the book – Rich Dad Poor Dad to me and this book changed my life

I began looking at businesses to buy (with no money) and started to attend property events and signed up for mentorships.

Then 2018 hit,

1st of January I was hit with an eviction notice – two weeks before my first property mentorship…

We ended up moving into a crappy part of town (The only place that would let us because of the dog)

The first day we were there I witnessed 3 drug deals, Next door had a party and then a domestic and we ended up calling the police and I got no sleep

In March after months of stress, I also injured My back which forced me to stop training and my hours were cut at work to top it off…

What was looking to be a really bad year started to get balanced out by finding a venue for our gym Titan Strength Academy,

Things were starting to move forward

Then the car crash happened on the M6 coming home from Liverpool my new car was written off a few weeks before The gym opening and I quit my job not long after because My supervisor told me that I had to come in to work (After the crash) because he had no cover (Not are you ok?)

Me and another business partner finally landed our first Property deal a month after Titan was opened…

I didn’t let the eviction or no income stop me from launching two businesses in the space of two months without any savings

This is the importance of Personal Development, This is why we Level Up