A ‘Brave’ New World

What the future holds

My predictions for the future are based on novels and how they all connect to each other…

Present to the next five to ten years resemble more George Oswells 1984, people are being censored for going against the narrative, headlines and news are being made up.

Those that speak against the narrative are being fired, banned from travelling and de-platformed, how long before people start getting locked up?

As events unfold around the world it is clear to see we are heading into a type of world where if we do not comply then we will be forced into today’s equivalent of room 101.

Whilst we are heading this way in the near future where we’re heading looks more like a combination of ready player one and brave new world.

I’ve added RP1 because of Zucks new meta VR shit he’s just come up with.

In a brave new world, people don’t get sick, they have drugs to make them feel good and it’s all pleasure and you don’t argue with the class above you…

With vaccine passports in the present day, the rise of smartwatches and another tech that can tell if your Blood sugars levels are too high and whatnot coming out, It won’t be far off where we can pop a drug and all is good, feeling sad, then pop a drug, go to parties live in your VR world and don’t ask any questions.

A world with no privacy, no free thought because everybody is connected and no emotions, We are just a couple of generations away from becoming robots…

Those who resist will be outcasts from society, they won’t be able to work, access their money, enter any shops (this is coming into play already). Once the free thinkers are outcasts the governments across the globe will have free rain on the people until they have total control over said people.

This will all be disguised as for your safety, I mean after all who doesn’t want to feel any emotion and have no feelings…

The people will cheer as their freedoms are taken away, and the ones who warned them are long forgotten about

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