How to increase Value

When you look after what you have the value increases.

We’ve all seen episodes on tv where someone has tried to pawn something that was a high value collectable but they never looked after it so it is now worthless.

I worked with someone once who had like a first edition Lord Of The Rings book, she said it would have been worth 9-11grand (I think she said) but she lent it to her mother who didn’t look after it when she read it and it’s now worthless.

When you look after your body its value goes up, you can produce more, have more energy and well the alternative is if your not looking after it then you’re probably dying. Without your body, you can’t do anything.

When you look after your partner, The relationship grows, You two become one. One unstoppable force.

When you look after your business it to goes up in value. Your staff are happy, your customers come back.

What you look after grows. Don’t take it for granted.

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