No price is too high

No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself

Rudyard Kipling

To be yourself is hard especially when you haven’t mastered your habits or principles, its hard to be pulled into other people’s thoughts and opinions.

Epictetus said to avoid the laymen when aspiring to be  philosopher because the laymen will pull you into there views and you’ll forget what you learnt in philosophy school.

To be yourself can be lonely even when surrounded by others, Today few are questioning the corruption of governments worldwide and allowing their human rights to be stripped from them

Those who are speaking out, being person are being branded as conspiracy theorists, being cut off from their families and friends but they held on to themselves and that’s all that matters

To individual has to struggle from being pulled in by the tribe

Be yourself, It may be lonely at times, but at least your not owned by anyone.

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