Your Avatar

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.” -C.G. Jung

Before you start your quest you need your avatar, This is not a video game where you can create your perfect version of you, Select your strength and how you look, bash a few buttons and master a skill…

You want to level up in real life, You need to look inward, You need to know who you are first, in order to bridge the gap and become who you want to be…

You have to look at how you react in this world, Let go of your own biased beliefs and your opinions. Maybe what happened was your fault, Maybe you’re broke because of your spending habits, not some outside force, Maybe she left you because you are actually a dick.

It’s easy to get caught in routines, The traffic lights are red, which triggers a rage response, this becomes a daily routine that you don’t even realise you’re in.

It’s easy to pass the blame

It’s not easy to take responsibility, it’s not easy to admit that our own actions caused our pain, therefore,

You cannot level up if you don’t realise your behaviours, This is no easy task – its a lifelong task, Sometimes we can handle a situation well others not so much, but every event is a chance to observe and learn from your actions, Pick up where your habits and patterns are slipping, learn where they do well and over time you can grow and improve.

Bedtime reflection –

This is where you reflect back on your day, play your whole day out and answer the following questions

  • Did I behave according to my principles?
  • Did I treat the people with whom I interacted with in a friendly and considerate manner?
  • What bad habits have I fought?
  • Have I made myself a better person by cultivating my virtues?
  • What could I improve on?
  • Where did I go wrong?

Over time you will develop an accurate picture of yourself, you can flick back and forth and learn from your mistakes. What are you capable of & what are you not.

Is your dream a real one, An achievable realistic one, when I was younger I would get jealous of my brother, everyone said he was a good singer so I wanted to be a good singer, I would cry and say that I was a good singer too…

I was deluded I have a deep monotone voice I couldn’t sing to save my life when I was younger I could not look inward.

Luckily this was just a few jealous encounters during car rides and I didn’t devote any time to pursuing a singing career.

There are just some things we cannot do, no matter how much we try and there are things that we are good at which will naturally excel in.

These are the things we should devote our time to. Only we can realise them after we have looked inward

“Just as nothing great is created instantly, the same goes for the perfecting of our talents and aptitudes. We are always learning, always growing. It is right to accept challenges. This is how we progress to the next level of intellectual, physical, or moral development. Still, don’t kid yourself: If you try to be something or someone you are not, you belittle your true self and end up not developing in those areas that you would have excelled at quite naturally.” – Epictetus

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