Sometimes you’re going to carry heavy things

Life isn’t fair

An lesson early on in  my adulthood that life wasn’t fair was when I was at a fitness conference

A practical lecture on kettlebell movement was over filled so we had to move to some other part of the arena to fit everyone in

Obviously we had to move the kettlebells too

Everyone scrambled to get the lightest ones and all I remember was there been a couple left I look up and this big dude picks up the light one about 8kg

And then there was me a scrawny 18 year old left with the 25kg one

The big dude looks at me and the kettlebell as if he was going to swap then sort of shrugs his shoulders and walks off

Unfair yes

Anything I could do about it no

Sometimes in life your just going to have to carry heavy shit

Because at the end of the day everyones looking out for themselves and they wont carry your burdens

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