Just clear the faults

Just clear the faults

That’s what an old colleague said to me once when I told him my engine light had come on,

He was like yeah I have an app connected to my car, it shows you the faults and you can just clear them so the light goes off…

And I’m sat there thinking, well it doesn’t solve the actual problem does it…

But we do that In life too, instead of dealing with the actual problem we just try and clear the fault…

A bit like this vaccine going around… it doesn’t solve anything when the majority of people have underlying health issues

The best solution would be to deal with the health issues,

Or like drinking to numb the pain, as soon as the alcohol has worn off, boom the engine light is back

Instead of cleaning faults in your life, why don’t you actually deal with the fault so the little annoying light does not ping back on once the alcohol, shopping high, medication etc has worn off

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