Otherwise you wouldn’t be here

(2 Daily Fires today… You lucky buggers)

Your exactly where you need to be, otherwise you wouldn’t be here

Forgot to note the IG account I took that from :/

Let’s just say you had the skills to fulfil your dream.

You were talented and you could have made it.

But you never did because you didn’t turn up to the auditions because you were lazy or you never had the confidence to release your work…

But instead of excepting that you instead tell people that should have been you or could have been you.

But instead of it being you, you just bore everybody with the same old talk…

You’re in the position now because that’s who you are supposed to be because if not you would have changed it…

But also you are right here right now able to change it.

If that was supposed to have been you but wasn’t because of X, Y or Z then now is the time to work on X, Y or Z you supposed to be here now, to work on them so you can move on from them.

And if you don’t work on them, then yeah this is exactly where you are supposed to be

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