So You’ve Had A Bad Day…

So You’ve Had A Bad Day…

Well, you are human who experiences emotions so you are going to have a bad day every now and then.

Bad days are a normal part of life sometimes we have bad weeks, When we have deadlines to hit, or we’ve experienced a breakup or something…

The issue comes when we’re having a bad day, every day for months on end or even years…

When we’re constantly stressed day in and day out for just living our everyday life,

That is when something needs to change, Chronic stress makes our brain good at creating stress and bad at activating our Rest and Digest system (See my eBook, Your Head Is Not An Island for more info) so we’re in a chronic state of getting ready to fight or run.

If you’ve just had a bad day or week, Do something relaxing, get out in nature, switch off your devices or something and just unwind.

If you’ve been on a chronic stress bender for months on end then you need to look at what isn’t working in your life and see how you can change it or at least ease it, because chronic stress will eventually burn out your body.

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