Tiny Improvments

It’s the tiny improvements that make all the difference.

I’ve spent the last 10 years doing something in the fitness industry,

Fitness instructing, personal training, writing and running a fitness company…

In those 10 years and they will continue on for a long time is that I’ve noticed that people don’t want tiny gains.

They want it all

And they want it fast.

And it’s the same with money and goals and everything we do.

We want results now.

So we do drastic shit to get those results.

But they never work or at least not for long…

Back to fat loss or muscle gain…

People will cut out Calories and practically starve themselves whilst spending hours on a treadmill to lose weight fast

Even though they have tried it millions of times in the past and got the same results

Small amounts of weight loss and a whole lot of misery followed by weight regain

Whereas if they had followed a sustainable pan over the year they could have felt and looked great by the end of it.

Fast progress comes at a cost.

Tiny improvements over time, may not tell a great story,
But at least you’ll finish it.

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