Your alive, so you’d think you’re getting enough oxygen right?

Probably not, many of us are only getting enough oxygen to get us through our day to days but not for optimal function

Obviously, without oxygen, we’d all be dead, nothing functions without it,

But lack of oxygen has been linked to being the primary cause of 7 different cancers. At a cellular level chronic pain is from lack of oxygen.

Many people in a depressed state have restricted blood flow to the brain, which cause the brain to be starved of oxygen.

How to stay Oxygenated.

Firstly through diet. A healthy diet of raw fruit and veg. Raw fruits and veg are rich in oxygen which can be killed during the cooking process, They will also help balance blood sugar and keep you Alkined preventing free radicals.

Secondly, Plenty of water helps Oxygen flow through the body properly, Since everything in the body that moves, Cells, Blood, Digestion all require water.

And lastly Just Breath. Shallow breaths may be ok to keep you sat at your desk without you dropping dead but we need to be more conscious of our breathing and take big deep breaths rather than just filling the top part of the lungs we should fill the whole lung

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