We all need variety in our life, without it, we would become bored and stagnant.

Back when I was a youngster and get a new videogame, it would be the best thing in the world, but playing over and over again it eventually becomes boring.

This happens in everything we do in life.

From a nutritional point of view, if we don’t have variety in our diets, we become malnourished and putting us at potential harm of chemicals that food has been exposed to,

I.e. if you ate Tuna every day you are at risk of Mercury poisoning…

The same is true for exercise if you don’t mix it up you stop adapting.

In a creative outlook if you are not trying new things and doing the same over and over again you get bord because you are not challenged by your work.

That’s why I write a bit of Poetry just to keep the creative juices flowing…

Variety helps spice up our lives, work, training, relationships etc and we need a little every now and then.

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