Love Yourself First

Love Yourself First

It’s the day of Romance apparently (Even though I don’t think doing the same as everyone else is Romantic and more forced but okay)

But regardless of whether or not you have a partner,

The most important thing you can do love is yourself.

Because you are the one who is going to be around when the other is not (You could break up or one of you could die)’

You are the other half of the relationship, which means you need to contribute to it.

And if your single and alone, the more you love yourself now the better health and happiness you will have.

If we don’t show ourselves some self-love, then we rely on it from external sources which aren’t always guaranteed.

We need to look after our health first so we can look after our partners if they ever need it. If they ever leave us then we still have ourselves and if we are healthy and happy with ourselves then we won’t crave that affection from other people…

And the less desperate we will be trying to find a new partner.

The more you love yourself inwardly
The more love you can give externally

Love yourself first.

See last years Valentines post here

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