I was ready to give up

I was ready to give up


On the Joe Rogan podcast, The Undertaker tells a story of how he got into wrestling and his first match with a credible company.

He said he would turn up every week to this company’s office, and wait in the lobby hoping to talk to somebody,

Every week on a Wednesday, for 8 months he showed up and nobody talked to him.

He explains he was just about to give up because he was getting nowhere

And this one guy walks in (Doesn’t talk to him) and goes into the office and says we need to give that guy a match (Because he looked like the guy’s late son)

8 Months of being ignored, making no money and getting virtually nowhere.

That’s what success looks like in a world of instant gratification.

In a world where everyone wants 1-hour results.

8 months just to get a shot in the ring (The company didn’t even sign him, they sent him elsewhere.)

Play the long game.

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