A penny saved

A penny saved is still just a fucking penny
Dan lok

I really disagree with this quote, like yeah on the whole a penny isn’t a lot on it’s own, but added up with other pennies then eventually its going to amount to something.

But it’s also like saying oh its just £10 it doesn’t matter if you spend it…

Then before you know it you’ve spent over £100 on little £10 things…

From a different angle its like saying oh its only one apple it doesn’t matter if you eat it or not

A penny saved is the changed in thinking you are doing.

It means instead of spending you made a decision to cut back and one day itll be £100 saved etc

One apple isn’t much in the grand scheme of things but its the start to building habits.

A penny saved is a penny saved, well done.

The smallest things amount the biggest over time

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