Own your lies, own your future… from my other blog

Metabolic Human

This is from an upcoming eBook, Video Course I’m doing

We Are All Liars.

(Unlocking The Truth)

We cannot become the Unicorn If we do not know where we are today. But we can never find out where we are today because we are all liars. We lie to our bosses, we lie to our families, We lie to our partners, our friends, our kids…

Why do we lie?

Because we’ve been conditioned into it, Media, Reality Tv, Social Media make us feel that the person we are today is not worthy of other people.

It makes us feel that If we give all of ourselves to the people around us then we are not worthy of them, we are not enough for them and if we show our true selves to them then we’ll end up alone.

So we lie in hopes that we will be enough, that we…

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