Shes strong but shes tired

Shes strong but shes tired
Her eyes are wired
Shes been fighting
Non stop
An invisible enemy
The world thinks shes gone mad
That shes weak and lazy
But they’re the ones that are crazy
They couldn’t imagine the battles she faced
They couldn’t fight the battles shes had to face
If they were in her place
They wouldn’t be able to cope
They would give up hope
But she said nope not me
I’m going to keep fighting till I’m free
Shes strong
But shes tired
This battle has gone on far too long
But only because she is strong
Shes stronger than we’ll ever know
Shes gone places we’ll never go
So instead of calling her lazy or weak
I dare you to even look at her shoes
Because you probably couldn’t walk a mile in them let alone wear them for a week
We’re not strong
Not like her, not for this long.

8 thoughts on “Shes strong but shes tired

    1. Yeah hopefully one day she will realise that, the girl I pictured when writing hadn’t realised this yet, she was strong because she hadn’t given up, in Hope of one day she climbes out of the darkness even though she doesn’t know how. 🙂

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  1. I can relate to this poem quite a bit.

    In the past, my father and mother (as well as many others) used to come down on me for staying at home and writing. However, they didn’t realize the world of torment I went through before and during that.
    In the end, with a lot of help from God, I ended up in a great position of earning and power.
    My life did a 180. Those same people that criticized me now come to me for help.
    Prayer and persistence pays off.

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    1. Wow that’s an awesome turn around.

      I’ve been the jerk to tell people to just think positively… I get it people dont know what your going through and they never will.

      It wasn’t until I decided to start researching mental health that I have a better understanding of it.

      Glad your doing good now 🙌

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      1. Now, I do recommend a positive mindset. In fact, I bring it up often, a long with the negative and logical mindsets. However, that is because of the difference it made in my life as well as those who I have advised.

        But when you go through traumatizing experiences, it takes many years to get that mindset again. So, when I recommend it, I recommend it to people with everyday problems. However, I don’t think I ever clarified that. You brought up a very good point!


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