Fairy tales aren’t real

Fairy tales arnt real

And they make no sense either. But they ruin reality.

Now don’t get me wrong I love anything nerdy that is make believe- like lord of the rings and star wars,

But that being said I’ve never let it ruin my expectations of reality either…

But I’m forever seeing things along the lines of

‘I’m looking for my prince charming’…

Now correct me if I’m wrong

Wasn’t prince charming the guy who couldn’t recognise the girl he danced with and had to put a slipper on the whole town or whatever?

How are people basing their love expectations on this?

Like seriously shouldn’t you be looking for your prince not so charming, but actually loves you for you and if you lost your shoe he could bring it straight to you…

Isn’t that real love or am I missing something?

Enjoy the storys but don’t let them ruin your expectations of reality.

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