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Values and Depression

Values Looking back thousands of years ago at the ancient Greeks and Romans, We haven’t changed much. Today we still crave status, wealth, material things amongst others. The only difference today is you are probably less likely to kill your farther so you can gain status as Emporer. We tell ourselves that if we get […]

Values and Depression
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The Maps Will Set You Free

The Maps Will Set You Free

I’ve written in the best about there being no maps, as every specific journey is unique and there is no guide for your journey.

However, in parts of your journey, there will be maps.

And those maps will set you free.

Say You’re in debt and you want to get out of it, A good map to use would be the Richest Man In Babylon it’s a great story about money.

There are many fitness programs that you can use to get into shape and there are many fitness courses for you to expand on your knowledge.

Be a better Partner there are relationship maps.

So there is no specific map for your complete journey as different paths will take you to different journeys.

But within those journeys there are maps.

And those maps will set you free

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But Flesh and Blood

The wise man is not made of Iron and Stone, But Flesh and Blood.

Ancient Philosophy.

Anything ever done was done by a human being, meaning it is humanly possible for everyone to do if they put their mind to it. We’re all flesh and blood.

We all have fears, we all have desires, We all have emotions.

It’s not the absence of these emotions that make people great, it’s controlling them that does.

You can’t be courageous without fear, You can’t be disciplined without desire.

Controlling these natural responses and doing what needs to be done is what makes one great, is how one achieves great things…

Mastering these natural desires is itself a great achievement.

Remember flesh and blood is all that is needed.

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To grow you.

To grow you.

When it comes to relationships, most people look for someone to complete them, to be there better half.

But is that what makes a great relationship.

When you’re putting all the pressure on the other person to keep the relationship happy.

When you can’t live without the other.

This is not fair on them or you.

A relationship should help grow each other so that you can be independent of one another.

The power couples we see usually help grow one another, They have their own things going on they don’t have time to be feeding each other’s insecurities rather they help each other grow out of them.

Look for someone to grow with.

Not someone to make you happy.

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But were all in chains

We were born free But were all in chains

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The moment we were born, the chains started to be applied to us, Our names, our nationality, where, how we live, our beliefs, religion, values are all pushed on us. Then we get exposed to media and advertisements and our thoughts are controlled.

By the time we are young adults, we have been moulded by invisible chains, The chains that dictate who we are…

But are they really us?

Is the life you living today yours.

Why did you really buy that last purchase, why did you get to college and uni, why do you do what you do.

Or a more important question who do you want to be and is what you’re doing today paving the way towards that.

Can you remove the chains applied to you into freeing yourself.

Into being you.

Not if you don’t question yourself, our values, your habits, your goals…

Break the chains, Free yourself.