Always Changing

You can’t know something that is always changing

You always get that person who says they know the roads so they drive like an idiot on them…

Or they know their friends but then they let them down…

There are many things that we think we know, but really the variables are always changing,

You may know the roads, but you don’t know who else is on them, whether someones going to pull out or not or how the weather is going to be on the day,

You may know your friends but people are random and unpredictable, even we ourselves can be so how do you know what your friends going to be like.

It’s like those people who live with wild animals on the internet and there like ah nahh they’re tame, Then a couple of years later you see that they were killed by the animal.

The only thing we know is that life is always changing, we never truly know anything or anyone.

And knowing that we can prepare for the worst whilst hoping for the best.

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