Rome Final Chapter

Rome the final chapter

After 4200 steps yesterday I was done.

I walked passed the Colosseum which to my surprise was very quiet, the bars around the area are normally busy at 9pm but hardly a soul around.

Walking up a bit further by the forum the bar there is normally full aswell, about five tables had people on them, the rest empty.

I thought to myself if the rest of Rome is like this tonight then I’m not walking any further so just are there.

I bought a couple drinks from a shop and got told off because it was after 10pm and walked back to the hotel

I walked down some different streets away from the tourist areas and to my surprise the restaurants on the streets were quite busy.

I kept walking and found a cool rock bar that was full and further inland there was another restaurant full and another.

Damn there was me feeling lonely with no atmosphere and it was all inland.

I carried on walking and near my hotel every night there has hardly been anyone around and bam theres a bar I never even knew was there that had people outside having a good time, dancing and the lot.

Where has all this come from I thought, this must be where all the locals go.

Anyway I retreated back to the hotel where I wrote a few posts and drank by myself.

The next day I had a long lie in, my right leg was throbbing and I could feel muscle tightness in my right leg,

I limped to the balcony and did some reading.

About midday I walked to the pyramid that was a 10,000 step walk and when I got there I realised there was a main road built around it, which made it hard to get a decent photo and just admire it.

I decided to explore the neighbourhood where I realised that people were on the other side of the fence admiring the pyramid…

How’ve they got in there i wondered.

After exploring a little I found a grave yard which had a great view of the pyramid

So there I stayed just chilling with the dead.

After a while I wondered around the neighbourhood there wasn’t much about so I walked up to the river and towards the Colosseum area.

There i discovered the back of the forum i believe with loads of restaurants and windy streets, so i went exploring

Just following each road as they led to another windy little side street,

Before i knew it I was at the Pantheon. I was enjoying this random roaming around Rome away from the main roads, so I carried on, one side street to the next I ended up near the Spanish steps.

I realised I hadn’t eaten yet and its was about 4pm so I decided I’ll wait for tea.

I carried on this random roaming until I ended up back at the Colosseum on a bridge with an amazing view.

I retreated back to the hotel after that to rest my legs.

My final night, since I probably wont be travelling abroad for a while and probably wont be back to rome if I do, I wanted to see Rome at night

I also had a real craving for a Chinese so that’s what I did, I started out at the Colosseum and found a really nice Chinese restaurant down the road,

From there I wondered down the back streets to see the busy night life and restaurants in all there glory, to the Castle Sant Angelo,

Then I got lost and stumbled back onto the Pantheon, from there I went to Terreza Del Pincio which gives you a really nice views over the city.

I stayed there for a while, then did the walk back in reverse to the Colosseum for one last long look.

I love Rome, the next time I visit though will definitely have to be with a woman as I now know all the cute little spots and great places to eat

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