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The problem with daily habits

The problem with daily habits

Is that sometimes life throws a curveball at you and you can’t get round to doing them

Yesterday I missed my daily post, I planned on writing a late night one because my day was too busy with my car being broke an all that

But I didn’t get back till 11pm and just crashed out.

Daily goals can make you feel to pressured into accomplishing them and leave you feeling pretty bad if you don’t hit them

(There is some good in that)

But when there is nothing you can do and other things are going wrong don’t beat yourself up for breaking the streak

Afterall you can restart it the next day or when things normalise again and there can be some fun in a new beginning

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Chasing Unicorns 2

Chasing Unicorns 2

Many moons ago I wrote a post about Chasing Unicorns and how they are mythological and we could never have them (or the unicorn equivalent say dream body) and that we should do something useful instead of fantasising.

Which is true.

But I recently stumbled across an old Instagram post of three books (The first three I ever bought) I had never really read before them and really struggled to read them tbh.

I would never have thought I would have read over a 100 in a lifetime and looking at my bookshelf now, back then this would have been me chasing a unicorn.

Over time, when we work at something that we thought impossible we can achieve.

So go chase that Unicorn but actually do the work instead of fantasy.

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We make the reasons

We make the reasons

Things don’t happen for a reason, Things happen at random.

Your car breaking down wasn’t a sign from the gods or the universe it was just machinery breaking.

Getting injured or fired is not a sign from the universe they are just thing that happens.

Maybe they’re not for the best but they have happened and we can look for a sign or sit and dwell, or we could just accept them for what they are random acts of life.

If you take the injury as a sign you should stop doing what caused the injury then you created that sign maybe because deep down you never really enjoyed it anyway.

Or getting fired was a sign that you should start a side hustle, once again you created that meaning because maybe you hated your job.

Life is random, anything that happens we create the reasons why for better or worse that is up to us.

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The example you set

The example you set

In 480bc 300 Spartans and some allies marched to Thermopylae to battle 2million persians.

They knew they could never win, they went to die so the spartans could rally their full army

But not only that they went to give the rest of the army courage

When 300 spartans could cause all that damage imagine what 10,000 could do.

They led by example to inspire the nation to win the war.

We might not always win at first but our actions can inspire others (or even ourselves) to later take action and win

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Where to find motivation

Where to find motivation

You won’t find it on a map or in a treasure chest

You won’t find it in the woods

Or over a rainbow

It won’t come to you either

Motivation you find in doing what you don’t have the motivation to start.

Say its going to the gym

You might not be motivated to go

But once your there and the more you keep going the more motivated you’ll find yourself.