What makes you uncomfortable

What makes you uncomfortable

I’ve travelled alone a few times now

And I actually hate it, it makes me feel uncomfortable

It goes a little something like this

Arrive then get to hotel, then think Omg what the f*ck am I doing here, what do I do now,

Make things up to do in my hotel room (procrastination) then finally brave the unknown world

The omg what the f*ck am I doing here really compounded when I walked into the hotel bar back in march to find everyone over 60 swing dancing. Then the next day realising the place was on the verge of lockdown so nowhere was open

But the fact it makes me uncomfortable is also the reason why I have to do it sometimes.

Otherwise I’ll just become a hermit who has to rely on other people to see the world

That being said there are other things that make me uncomfortable and I avoid like the plague… one thing at a time right

What things in life make you uncomfortable that if you tackled would make your life a little better

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