let’s just kick the sh*t out of option B

Option A is not available, so let’s just kick the sh*t out of option B

  • Sheryl Sandberg

We don’t always get what we want in life,

Sometimes something isn’t possible, things get cancelled or postponed

Out of our control and we let them control our feelings

We sit and feel sorry for ourselves and say we could have been here whilst looking at pictures of somewhere your not.

Even though that there is nothing we can do about option a, we can always do option b

And that option doesn’t include feeling sorry for yourself, because that would just make you feel worse.

When Thomas Edison’s factory caught fire instead of having a reaction like any normal person would, he told is lad to go and get his mother and sister quickly as they’ll never see a fire like this again

That’s enjoying option b when you have no control over option a

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