Signs are no good

Signs are no good if you dont follow them

If your looking for a sign the chances are you’ll find one because your seeking it,

Kind of like when you just get a new car and everyone seems to be driving the same one as you.

For a short moment in time I wanted to learn how to street dance (I think step up had just come out or something)

I remember saying if I see a sign I’ll join a club or something.

The very next day I saw a sign, it had probably been there for years but I wasn’t looking for it then

But I didn’t join I probably went home and played GTA or something

We’ve probably ask for and seen loads of signs in our lifetimes but we ignore them or don’t follow through.

Asking for a sign is probably just another form of procrastination,

Yeah I’ll do it if…

If we really wanted to do something we wouldn’t need to wait for a sign.

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