Epimelesthai Sautou

Epimelesthai Sautou

A lost art in today’s world,

To take care of one’s self that is.

It seems to me that we take care of everyone but one’s self.

Apart from 28 days of the year when we’re entitled to holidays when was the last time you took time for yourself,

To be alone, to reflect, and just do what you want to do in your own pace,

When was the last time you recharged (Not your phone) yourself, without the ping, ping of someone demanding your attention going off on your phone

To say no to overtime, to say no to your friends and to just simply say yes to yourself.

Yeah, that last bit sounded kinda corny but think about it,

We drop everything for a friend in need, we drop plans for extra hours but for ourselves, we drop nothing.

Epimelesthai Sautou

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