Riding The Storm

Right now I know it seems there is no other way,
Believe me even though I don’t know what to say,
I just want you to keep fighting every day

Right now the world may seem cold,
debt has a hold on you and it’s taking its toll
You feel stuck, Where is the way out of this hole,
Stress has you feeling like a mess, like somehow you’re broken

Keep up the fight, your filled with might,
I hope you trust me when I say that one day it’ll be alright
I know its hard to see past the hight of the struggle
But you’re filled with might and you’ll be alright

Right now the world may feel cold
One day though
Believe me
You will be ok as long as you
Never give up, Keep fighting, Be Brave, Be Bold

Never Give Up
You’ve got this
Believe me
One day you’ll
Realise that the world is beautiful and warm,

You just have to ride out this storm
I know you feel broken and torn
But keep riding this storm and watch emerge a Unicorn

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