Hunt Growth

Hunt Growth,

Like a lion stalks its prey, it remains silent, slowly creeping upon it, patiently waiting to make the leap to catch it prey,

That is how we should hunt down our growth, if we don’t have patience we will miss our shot by trying to move to quick.

In the gym, if your try and rush to a new personal best, you risk injury by lifting more than you can handle, whereas if you slowly progressed and stalked that PB, when the time is right you can attempt the lift and because you slowly progressed your body is more capable of handling the load.

The same is true in any area of our lives

You try and rush a business deal you’re going to miss some of the smaller details which can cost you greatly,

I tried to rush the online dating thing since my normal small talk wasn’t working, I went straight in for the ‘Hey let’s go out for drinks’ I didn’t think this was bad until I got a few unmatches and one reply of ‘HaHa’

so yeah patience is the key be a Lion stalking its prey and not a dog chasing its ball

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