Walking the streets of Rome, Maybe one day I’ll call this my home,

For the first time in a while I haven’t felt alone, I just felt at home.

Love at first sight, seeing the might of the Colosseum, She took my breath away,

Yet so many lost their breath when they faced death… or glory

Such a reminder, Memento Mori. So many stories of this period of history

Roaming around Rome, I just feel at home, You just can’t help but admire the might of the Roman Empire.

Home of the stoics, But that’s not really true, because a stoic is home wherever they are, Trying to control rage in a cage or they’ve just been exiled for a while. No matter the age the stoics aspire to become the sage

Even though we only saw a small part of Rome, My heartfelt at home, Every ancient building was a work of art, What more can I say, I’ve learnt to be patient after all Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I’m just roaming the streets of Rome, My heart feels at Home

Note – I do not class myself as a poetry writer its just a fun hobby I’ve taken up to challenge different writing styles.

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