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The Decades Are Fast

Last night was the end of a decade,

I don’t know whether you were drowning your sorrows and being glad that the decade is over or celebrating your success and not wanting it to end…

either way, the decade is over, Today is the start of a new one

A lot can happen in a month, year… An awful lot can happen in a decade…

Look back at the last one and you’ll see how much you’ve changed,

Looking deeper though you’ll realise that change is slow…

Painfully slow

You don’t even see it happening…

Yet we want change to be like our amazon deliveries arriving on the same day, ok maybe we can wait till the next day…

But 3,6… 12 months for lifestyle change,

Saving 10% of your wage each month

Fuck That

We think the progress is too slow…

But looking back, We realise that the Decades are fast.

Imagine if you carried on saving 10% of your wages or started to invest what you had saved…

Imagine if you had carried on being healthier, Where would you be today…

This post isn’t about regretting what you never stuck too, it’s about realising that how fast the time goes and if we stick to what we said we would,

We will be a whole different person by the end of the year Let alone the decade…

Here’s to the new decade.

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