You Are Your Most Important Asset

Remind Yourself (Often) That You Are Your Most Important Asset.

You buy an investment property, The chances are you’re going to look after the property to increase the cash flow value and the capital appreciation (Unless you’re like my old landlord)

You invest in stocks, you’re going to watch the markets to make sure you can buy/sell at the right times for maximum profits,

Watches, Cars, Shoes, Comics… Whatever you class as your assets you will go out of your way to look after them,

So when the time comes and you want to sell up or increase cashflow You get the maximum return on Investment…

But then there’s our bodies, our health, our mindset…

We’re like Nah fuck that it’ll be alright…

Then we deteriorate because we’ve been neglected

And then we can’t look after our assets so they too deteriorate

Then they become worthless but we’re too sick and frail to do anything about it,

We spend the rest of our days wondering…

What if I look after myself like I did with my once prized collection…

You are the most important thing you will ever have,

Look after it.

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