We often regret the things we do

We often regret the things we do,

Waisting the weekend having a lazy one having got nothing you wanted done,

Opting for the Cheesecake after dinner even though you were full and you were trying to be good,

You know what I’ve never heard anyone say they regret,

Doing that workout, Sticking to the diet plan even though it wasn’t pleasurable, Sticking out there goals even though quitting was an easy option…

Chasing pleasure causes us pain, Once that urge has been satisfied there’s a bigger urge leaking around the corner…

Chasing pleasures leaves us wanting more,

When we stick to pain and discomfort, Like our workouts and diets, our saving and investment plans,

When everyone is indulging on whatever they want and lounging around, Throwing the cash at whatever they think will make them happy and we watch from the sidelines…

We realise that we don’t need that stuff, We are contempt with less, which leaves us with more mental space to go after what we want,

Ultimately giving us more… In the long run…

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