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Long Journey

That was a long journey, wasn’t it…

The bus driver looked confused, the bus was on time…

Where have you come from? He said…

The lady goes Preston…

The bus driver gives her a look (as if to say you crazy bitch) then asks her why she didn’t get the train…

She then goes off on one

‘I’ve put enough money into the system, I’m not paying anymore, I’ve worked 69 years for this bus pass, I’m making the most of it*

The bus driver opens the doors as if to say cya and everything proceeds as normal…

I was just sat there thinking 4 hours… To save a tenner that’s crazy.

She may have saved a little cash but at the cost of 4 hours of her life…

is it worth it?

You can make money back, but you can’t get that time back

But this principle can be applied to any area of your life…

What area are you spending too much time in your life and what’s it costing you in other areas?

*I can’t remember exactly what she said I wasn’t taking notes

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