Patience you must have

Patience you must have, my young Padawan – Yoda

The past couple of days I’ve talked about Hope and Faith

Hope inspires change
Faith is what helps you succeed

and now Patience.

You can hope and believe that whatever you’re doing will work but if you lack patience then you won’t have any major success, You won’t get any major results,

Because after a week or so you’re going to want to try and fight Darth Vader or have given up being a Jedi completely…

January 2018 (I think) I wanted to get straight into my Squat session (I lie, I wanted to get it over with) So I skipped the warm-up and went straight into 90kg (Off memory)

Yeah my back hasn’t been right since (It’s aching now as I type this)

Patience is the key to succsess when you rush into things, You make mistakes, mistakes that could have been avoided if you just took your time…

Patience is also the key to success because when you know that these things take time When everyone else has gone to the next shiny object, The opportunity you were looking for presents itself…

You would have missed it if you were to eager…

Patience you must have

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