That is why you fail

That is why you fail – Yoda

As Yoda lifts the X-Wing out of the swap with the force, Luke shouts I don’t believe it…

And Yoda tells him that’s why he fails

And its why we fail to…

Due to lack of faith…

I’ve been on training programs and 12 months in (On a really expensive Mentorship) I’m speaking to one guy and he’s saying that he doesn’t believe what we were being taught would work in his area…

I’m like dude c’mon man and shaking my head.

I’ve also been the guy saying he doesn’t believe in the strategy that was being taught, Back when I was testing the waters with the whole entrepreneur thing,

I tried dropshipping, It wasn’t that I didn’t believe it could work, but I didn’t believe in the strategy, I couldn’t justify paying less than a Doller for something and reselling it for $10,$15+ when all the product was a cheap piece of crap really,

It just wasn’t ethical for me so after a few weeks I dropped off…

If you want to succeed, you need to believe that you can and you need to belive in your product, program, buinsess whatever it is your doing.
Because if you don’t – That is why you fail

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