“Without commitment, nothing happens.”

“Without commitment, nothing happens.” T.D. Jakes

At the time of publishing, providing I’ve not jinxed myself by typing this I should be in Spain,

I didn’t write this today, I wrote this last week whilst it was raining in England (I hope it’s not raining in Spain)

When I started writing these daily posts (Daily Fires) I was nowhere near as busy as what I currently am, They were easy to commit too,

post 1,2,3… were blank slates but now this currently my 287th post,

Not only am I a lot busier but I’m trying not to repeat myself and keep the content as fresh as possible…

This forces me to

1) Keep on learning (The more I learn the more content I get)
2) Be disciplined with my time (e.g. scheduling time last week so you can read (or ignore) this post today)

I don’t know whether or not you actually benefit from these posts

But I do know without commitment there wouldn’t have been any for you too read over the past 280 something days and then nobody would get the chance to get some value from these…

Commitment benefits everyone…

Where in your life do you need to be more committed?

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