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Growth isn’t something you see until something challenges you…

Growth isn’t something you see until something challenges you…

Most of the time anyway…

Most of the time we can’t see our own progress, People can lose 10,15,20+Lbs and they still think they look fat*

The same can be true for someone trying to gain muscle…

Its even harder to see your growth when it comes to mindset growth,

You can study all the motivation, personal development, peaceful zen and philospohy books you want, But the only way you know if youve grown is when you get challneged

E.g. If you got stressed and worked up alot and took that frustration out on others, You could study some of the stuff above, Then say you’ve grown…

But you wont actually know untill your put into an enviroment where you would normally get stressed and frustrated…

If you manage to stay calm then yeah you’ve grown, if not then well you need more work.

The key to knowing if your ontinually growing or not is to continually test yourself…

*Sometimes when people are on a bodytransformation program, They see themselves everyday in the mirror, so they see minor changes everyday and not the major ones everyone elses sees,

It takes there eyes being challenged by a Before photo or an increase or decrease on the scales before they belive it

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