Don’t be a sick-cess

Don’t be a sick-cess

A sick-cess is where your success in a certain area of your life,

But other key areas are suffering…

The common one you see is super successful people in terms of money and business but they are stressed and unhealthy and they hardly see their families

They’re too busy making more money (and accumulating more stress)

On the other end you can have people who spend half there life in the gym but there family life and finances are suffering because of it…

and everything in between…

The things we do in our lives require a certain amount of commitment but that doesn’t mean the other areas should be left to rot…

Yeah building a business requires commitment and time, But what happens when it goes under and you’ve neglected your family, Now you have no income and you’re in a house with people you barely know anymore…

What happens when you’ve given up everything to spend more time with your family but then something happens to the economy and you can’t afford to pay the mortgage?

A car has four tyers, You wouldn’t let three of them go bold and just replace the same one all the time,

Well, the same is true in life…

Bu a success not a Sick-cess

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