Take care of the bad

Take care of the bad, the good will take care of themselves – Ray Dalio

When you were in school, did you notice that the Naughty kid always got all of the attention

Or that you only really notice how useful your nose is when you get a blocked nose…

That’s because the good takes care of itself…

So when your well and you’re not trying to unblock your sinuses, You should work on the ‘bad’ like improving your immune system or your cardiovascular health…

So that it can take care of itself for longer afterwards

Garret J White (One of my favourite dudes when it comes to Personal and Business Development) Goes to see a Chiropractor every week, Not because there’s something wrong with him,

But to prevent any injuries from happening, Because when the bad shit happens its a lot of work to get it back to normal.

The good will look after itself, But don’t take it for advantage because if you neglect it, The bad will let you know.

Look after your weaknesses.

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