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Starting Late…

Starting Late…

Sometimes when we start something, we wished we had started sooner,

Sometimes we don’t start it at all because, well its too late now what’s the point right,

But starting late isn’t that bad, in fact, it’s quite beneficial…

When you start late, you get the joys of rapid gains (This could be learning, skill development, weight loss, muscle gain etc)

Because you’ve never done it before everything is learning…

Imagine Lebron James or Tiger Woods having to improve there Basketball or Golf stats, They would have to work really hard just for minor improvements…

You get the joys of Major improvements with fairly little work…

And wishing you started earlier…

Well you didn’t so stop wishing because that’s just wasting your time on something that cannot be changed when you could just be enjoying the moment

and if you did start earlier, you may not have enjoyed it as you do now and you may not have done what you have done leading up to starting whatever you have just started.

There is no better time to start than now… Even if you are ‘Late to the party’

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