Struggle Well.

Struggle Well.

We will always struggle with something in life,

If you look around you’ll see someone struggling with something, Some will even tell you how much there struggling…

Achieving your wildest dreams doesn’t give you happiness, The struggle you went through to achieve them does…

Struggling well isn’t giving up when the first challenge arrives at your face Or curling up in a little ball when you’re tired…

You push on through, you find solutions, You do whatever it takes, even when you feel like giving up…

There are ways you can improve your struggle strength, Like anything it comes down to reps and choosing your struggles…

When you choose your struggles, you can push through your initial resistance and push your own boundaries…

Cold showers
Getting up on your first alarm
Not wearing a jacket in the cold

These are all types of choosing your struggles…

The more you practice, the stronger you get and the stronger you get the easier it is to struggle well.

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