What do great philanthropist have in common?

What do great philanthropist have in common?

Bill Gates, Mohammed Yunus, Geoffrey Canada and loads more (probably)

Have all spent a considerable amount of there time and money to help others in the world,

For example, if you watch the Decoding Bills mind on Netflix you’ll see how he’s spending his time to eradicate Polio, Provide clean sanitation for 3rd world countries and to try and stop global warming with clean energy

But when they all took a personality test, They all scored low on concern for others…

How could people who set about to make the world a better place have low concern for others?

The concern for others relates their concern of other peoples opinions and when it comes down to achieving their goals, they have no concern whether other people approve or not…

They are only concerned on what they want and then they go get it.

So where across your world is your concern for what others think and feel is holding you back and how would letting go of those concerns change your world?

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