‘I just started reading books’ Elon Musk

‘I just started reading books’ Elon Musk

In Principles – Life and Work by Ray Dalio,

Ray talks about a meeting he had with Elon Musk and He askes Elon what his background was in rockets since you know Elon is trying to occupy Mars…

Elon says ‘He didn’t have a background in Rockets, He just started reading books’

and the reason he started SpaceX was that when he visited NASA’s website to see there progress on Visiting Mars, He realised they weren’t even close to going…

So he decided to take matters into his own hands…

Like How can anyone of us make an excuse about not following our passions or whatever after that…

‘Yeah but Elon had 90 million to invest in rockets’

Even if you had 90 million and wanted to occupy mars, you would find the excuse that you don’t have a background in rockets,

And most likely wouldn’t read about them…

But that’s the difference between wanting to make a change and actually making a change,

You learn how to do whatever it takes…

And if the big dogs (Like NASA) aren’t doing anything about it, you gotta do it yourself…

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