You cannot create what you don’t focus on

You cannot create what you don’t focus on

You meet those people, and they’re just full of energy

They are successful in their field and they seem to be making money or whatever every time they blink…

Those guys(and gals) are super focused…

And you’re like damn I wanna be like them…

Then you look at your work schedule and you’re like well, I’m free on Saturday I’ll start then, oh no wait Sallys birthday or Mark wants to go on the piss that night, I guess Maybe Monday evening I could start…

Before you know it you’ve stopped focusing on whatever and your back to your normal schedule…

And nothing changes…

Nothing changes because nothing was created

Nothing was created because






Changing (Or creating)

You want to create change… Focus on change you’ll feel happier for it too (see yesterdays [post)

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