Us Or Them

Us Or Them

“I’ll never be ashamed to quote a bad writer with a good saying.” Seneca

Today If we hold one view, belief, opinion…

Then that’s it everyone else is wrong.

We create an Us or Them culture

Calories Vs Hormones
Right-Wing Vs Left
Vegans Vs The Meat Eaters

Everything blows into a debated argument for one side trying to be right.

Seneca (Whom I quoted above) Was always quoting the philosopher Epicurus, Which doesn’t sound strange on face value…

However, Seneca was A Stoic and Epicurus an Epicurean, Two Philopsphy that oppose each other…

Seneca didn’t care about that, He was just looking for ways to improve his own philosophy. He didn’t dismiss knowledge just because it came from an opposing view.

Instead of creating an Us or Them culture, where can you open your views in order to improve because in the end…

What matters is whether it makes your life better, whether it makes you better.

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